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Space Saving Solutions

We would be happy to design the perfect bed and cabinetry for your space! If you would like to visit our showroom in person, please call ahead to schedule. Our office number is 224-661-2448.


We are a family-owned business with over 30 years of experience created customized wallbeds. We have an uncompromising dedication to quality and an unparalleled record of customer service. Our top-notch craftmanship combined with our ability to customize exactly to your space will impress and amaze.

Why Wallbeds

There are many uses for wallbeds that people do not commonly consider. Wallbeds can be a great space saver for small apartments and condos, but have you considered one to make your home office into a guest bedroom? What about a wallbed in your gameroom for out of town family to stay in? If you have just a small amount of space on your wall, a wallbed can save both time and space in your home.

Commercial Applications

From hospitals to firehouses to resort hotels, a wallbed could be the perfect solution for your commercial space.

Our Work

Please explore a few examples of our most popular designs and custom installations.


Do you charge for initial house calls?

Our initial house calls are free of charge. In these house calls, we discuss how to create the perfect solution for your space. We measure the area, discuss what finish and color works best for you, and what additional options work to complete the job.

What type of materials do you use for your installations?

We are currently offering our high-quality laminate material as the main basis of the bed and cabinetry structure. This material comes in many attractive finishes, each with its own personality and style. We use a state of the art steel mechanism in all of our beds and best-in-class hardware, fasteners and tools in every installation.

Are you insured to install in my building?

We carry all required insurance to install in every situation, from high-rise condos to single-family homes, medical centers to hotels.

How long will my installation take?

Installation time varies depending on what options you select. Typically we are able to complete a full installation within one day.

How soon can my bed be installed after ordering?

Installation dates will vary depending on scheduling, but we typically can install within one month of ordering. We will work with you to find a date that fits with your schedule.

Can beds and cabinetry be taken down after installation?

Our installation services are here to fit all of your needs. Moving? Our professional and qualified installers can disassemble and reassemble your Murphy Wallbed system. Using our installation services, you can guarantee the job will be done right the first time. When planning a disassemble, please contact us 4-6 weeks before the date of disassembly.

Do you do repairs?

Yes! From a simple adjustment to modifying your entire bed, we will repair any wallbed purchased from our company. Fire Damage? Water Damage? We offer replacement parts and corresponding woodwork. Most parts can be repaired and/or replaced, depending on the severity of the damage. We will repair your unit and make it look and feel as if it was brand new again.

Contact Us

Our showroom is open to the public. We do request you call ahead to make sure someone is available or to make an appointment.

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